Riski is a design house inspired by people with brave hearts and vivid imagination. Our clothing is for combining precious routines and joyful improvisation. Dress up or dress down – designed to serve Your day.

Detail finesse.
Riski handwriting is clean and vivacious. Designed to last long and to outlive the short cycle of trends.

Design with a story.
Clothing of each season evolves around an enchanting story that is realized through the choice of fabrics and specially created prints and knits.

Kindness Matters.
We know it is complicated. Making clothing and caring for the environment all at once. No matter how complicated, we strive for the best. Our fabrics are carefully sourced from high quality mainly European suppliers. We manufacture all the clothing in Finland and around the Baltic Region. We cherish the skills of the of the area’s finest makers and guarantee that all items are manufactured under working conditions that meet our high expectations. Finest clothing comes from the kind surroundings.

From a Faraway Land.
We come from Finland, the land of thousands of lakes and the purest fresh air. We draw our serenity from the nature. This is where we dream away and take our retreats. Come over and we’ll have a swim!

Lady Behind.
Liisa Riski is the designer behind Riski. She has never quite grown up. Instead she keeps on dreaming of a land where there are football teams for merely cat players. A place where flowers, cakes and ice-creams come in endless colour combinations and little miracles happen all the time. In Liisa’s clothing, there is always a story.